Woman is petrified as baby refuses to be born, doctors see detail on scan and immediately realize the danger

A heavily pregnant woman, stepped into a hospital last Spring in western Siberia, Russia.

The woman hadn’t previously come in, as she didn’t trust hospitals.

There were no routine checks attended, no ultrasound trips and no visits to the doctor.

She had reached the 41st week of her pregnancy – and the baby had still not arrived.

Finally she felt the need to check that the baby was doing well, so she went to the hospital to make sure everything was ok.

Doctors made a scary discovery when she arrived at the hospital.

An ultrasound, showed that the child was in the abdominal cavity, and not in the mother’s uterus.

She had whats is referred to as an ectopic pregnancy, also know as uterine pregnancy, where the fertilised egg embeds itself outside of the uterus.

This rare occurrence, happens in roughly 2-3% of pregnancies.

Most often it happens it the fallopian tubes, however, this time it implanted in the abdominal cavity.

Once the discovery was made the woman was rushed to theatre.

There are few cases where both mother & child survive complication of an ectopic pregnancy.

This was a high risk so the baby needed to be delivered via c-section.

Even this was a potential risk as the removal of the placenta could lead to huge blood loss.

The surgeons took over two hours to perform the operation.

Eventually, the doctors were able to witness this little miracle for themselves.

After retrieving the fatal sack, they realised how healthy and perfect this baby girl was, she weighed more than 4 kilo’s.

How incredible! The birth had defied all odds, as chance of survival was only 1 in 625 million.

She was named Veronika meaning ‘victorious‘.

Next time, she will be sure to attend her doctor and hospital appointments.