There’s Now Weed-Infused Wine, So You Can Kill Two Birds With One Stone(r)

There’s something stoners across the globe have been attempting to do for years without having any success, fusing the wonderful effects of marijuana with the also wonderful effects of alcohol without having to consume both. What once must have seemed like a pipe dream to some is now a reality in today’s world, as for the first time ever there’s been a wine produced infused with marijuana!

Instagram of Canna Wine that's green and weed-infused.

Called Canna Wine, this is a product that’s garnered attention from the general public and celebrity icons alike. Even Chelsea Handler and Melissa Etheridge are regular consumers of this particular product, though with the price tags on these bottles it’s no wonder it’s not more common yet.

Unfortunately this product is only currently available for purchase in the state of California, and it can only be purchased by those carrying a medical marijuana card as every other legalized state has yet to allow the sale of alcohol infused with pot. That doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t spread, but it does mean it’ll take some time before it does.

If you meet all the requirements for consumption then the last thing you should know is the price, because a bottle of these could have you empty out your account. For just a half-bottle prices can range anywhere from $140-$400, which is about the same price range you can find a full ounce of marijuana for or more than a couple bottles of wine.

Even with the price-tag those that have been lucky enough to experience the drink state that the drunk/high combination leaves you in a beautiful place, so by all accounts it does sound like it’d be worth it.

It’s still incredible to imagine that five years from now we could see alcohol-marijuana infused bars across the nation when just a few years ago the general convenais was “weed is the devils lettuce,” though you could say progress always is.