Viral video shows man with his penis trapped in London Underground tube gates

The joys (and perils) of taking public transport are deeply ingrained in the minds of many. While some lucky souls are able to drive into work without a care in the world, others have to take trains or the tube and contend with awkward jostling with strangers who, come November, almost undoubtedly harbor some form of deadly illness.

And don’t even get me started on all the bizarre things you witness on public transport; aside from odd sartorial choices, you’re also likely to encounter people at various stages of drunkenness, angry businessmen (whose time is clearly much more important than yours), and actual brawls. However, in all my years of taking public transport – of which there have been too many – I have never had to witness something like this: a man recently got his penis, of all things, trapped in the gates of the London underground, and it’s just about as distressing as you can imagine.

While we’ve all seen people trying to jump the gates of the London underground to avoid paying their fare, in most instances, these law-breaking citizens manage to get away with their crime, and only their moral conscience comes out damaged. This wasn’t the case for one unfortunate person, however, who quickly paid the price for his malfeasance – and treated his fellow commuters to a rather grisly sight to boot.

A video shared on Facebook by Mark Graves, shows a young man caught in a compromising position after his right leg and genitalia managed to get trapped at the top of one of the tube gates. Watch the whole debacle below, but be warned it’s (understandably) littered with all sorts of profanities.




The video quickly went viral, and it has now been viewed over 422,000 times. Naturally, the people of the internet had quite the reaction to the man’s unfortunate situation. One Facebook user commented, “Lol how embarrassing shame on him. I hope too much damage wasn’t done to his manhood”, while another corroborated “Oh shit how the hell he managed to do that…bet he won’t dodge his fate again….so shameful!!!” And another user added what we were all thinking, “Would have been easier to just buy a ticket.”

While it has not been revealed how long the man had been trapped in the gates after he got stuck, given the number of people who came to his aid, it’s highly likely that he was trapped for at least a few minutes – and he sure seemed to have been in a great deal of pain, too.

But luckily for him, fellow commuters, the police and Transport for London (TFL) staff eventually managed to free him. He did seem rather shaken from the ordeal, however, but wouldn’t anyone?