Toddler rushes to mom with blood on her cheeks – she gasps when she realizes what happened

Little Sienna Duffield celebrated her 2nd birthday with her family.

Her mom Savina French-Bell noticed a strange rash on her daughter’s face the day after her party.

This would be the beginning of a terrible time for the family.

It would take eight months before doctors would at last realize what was causing Sienna’s terrible rash.

But once they were able to diagnose it and realize what had actually happened it left everybody a little shocked, especially her mother who never thought something like it was possible.

Savina said “It started to look like someone had thrown acid over her face, it spread from her mouth to her cheeks, and above her eyes.”

That was the beginning of a long nightmare.

The doctors didn’t know what to do and Sienna continued to suffer from the rash for 8 months

Sienna’s condition deteriorated so much so that her face was covered in painful blisters which bled when they broke.

Her mother describes it was like her daughter’s face was being eaten alive.

Sienna’s had difficulty eating because of pain around her mouth and her clothes were constantly bloody.

Due to strangers’ stares and cruel comments her mother often resisted going out with Sienna.

None of the drugs they prescribed had any effect, at first, doctors thought that Sienna’s rashes were due to eczema or an allergy.

Sienna ended up being hospitalized.

Doctors had to keep her nourished through an IV as she could no longer eat.

Sienna’s mother desperate to find the culprit, carefully went through the events leading up to her daughter’s rash breaking out.

Eight months after the first incident, Savina recalled that a relative had given Sienna a kiss.

It turns out that particular relative had contracted herpes.

Most people would think that herpes is some sort of sexually transmitted disease but it can also effect children in a very bad way when its contracted through their mouth. Its also more dangerous to a child and can cause some long term effects and scarring.

Her daughter Sienna, had been infected by herpes simplex virus type 1.

Finally doctors could provide the correct treatment.

Sienna’s skin healed soon enough and she was able to eat again.

Savina said: “For the past few months, Sienna’s face has looked amazing and the infection has not returned, there is

always a chance of it coming back, but fingers crossed it won’t happen and her skin will stay as good as it is now.

It’s great to be able to go outside and not get any horrible comments from anyone.”

The mother now wants to raise awareness for other parents not to let anyone kiss their children.

Anyone can carry herpes, even if it’s not visible, and small children can be very sensitive to it.

Fingers crossed that little Sienna never has to experience anything like this ever again!