This Dentist Tries ‘As Seen On TV’ Veneers And The Result Is Hilarious

We’ve all come across ads for products promising a perfect smile, but have you ever seen it put to the test by an actual professional? After seeing multiple advertisements for the product Perfect Smile Veneers on the internet and during ESPN commercials, Dr. Mauricio Rodriquez from Premier Dental decided to film an unboxing video to show us all why we pay dentists so much.

For those who can’t afford to pay a professional to have the work done, the product promises to drastically change the look of your teeth for the incredible price of just $14.99. What a steal! We just don’t think it’s the kind of change you’re looking for.

Rodriguez ordered the veneers to his office and when they arrived, he graciously filmed a how-to video. He even started by opening the package in front of the camera like a pro-YouTuber. He then posted the video to his office’s official Facebook Page and it took off.
“They’re basically going to revolutionize dentistry,” he quips and proceeds to takes us through step-by-step instructions in order to show people how the entire process works. At the end of the video, Rodriguez flashes a smile so we can see the final result, which is really nothing short of breath-taking.

The Perfect Smile website promises a “million-dollar” smile with the veneers, which mold in water like a mouthguard and stick over the top of your existing front teeth. Perfect Smile advertises that the moldable veneers are great for photos, blind dates, and interviews. You probably should decide for yourself, though.

The only downside, according to the site, is that you can’t actually eat while wearing them so just be sure that your dates and interviews aren’t scheduled over lunch or dinner. The video also demonstrates that your speech might be a bit difficult to understand while wearing the veneers. If that hasn’t convinced you, then you should watch the try-on video by Dr. Rodriguez.

“This is a great way to take care of your own dentistry at home,” Rodriguez jokes after he’s put them on. We won’t spoil the fun for you, so check out the video to see the final result.