Once you’ve read this you’ll want to put deodorant under your breasts every day

Deodorant is an absolute godsend when in desperate need of a shower but don’t have the time or opportunity.

It’s my best friend when the weather is hot and I’m pretty sure I’ll sweat through my T-shirt.

Lately, I’ve learned something new about deodorant, that it isn’t just for armpits.

Seemingly, you can also use it on your feet and boobs.

I’m asking myself why didn’t I know this before?

You’ll want to buy some after reading this if you don’t have deodorant at home,

Have a think about choosing a product that’s aluminum-free, as aluminum can have adverse health effects.

Most pharmacies and online shops stock aluminum-free deodorants.

To get the most out of deodorant beyond keeping your armpits dry and fresh here are nine super smart tips.

1. Get rid of pimples

If you have pimples on your face deodorant is a good last resort if your regular products aren’t working.

Many deodorants can dry out your skin if they contain antiperspirants.

It has the same effect on your face.

If your face has any oily patches, dab it with a deodorant that contains an antiperspirant.

2. Prevent underboob sweat

In the summer the area below your breasts can get pretty sweaty.

Sweating through your top while exercising is one thing, but it’s entirely different at the office or dinner.

Just lift up your breasts and apply a little deodorant.

You’ll not only smell great but stay dry too.

3. Slide into tight jeans

We all know the feeling.

How it can be a struggle to get into a pair of skinny jeans.

You’ve got them over your calves, but you just can’t get past your thighs.

Rub your legs with deodorant instead of battling it out with your favorite pair of jeans.

Even the skinniest of jeans will slide on after that.

4. Keep sunglasses in place

There’s nothing more annoying than having to adjust your sunglasses as they constantly slide down your nose.

Just dab a little deodorant on your nose and you’ll stop those annoying glasses sliding.

5. Avoid leaving sweat stains on chairs and sofas

Standing up and leaving a big spot on a chair or backrest is not how you want people to remember you.

Try rubbing your back with deodorant so you can avoid this.

6. Stop night sweats

Waking up in sweaty sheets is never fun, especially if you showered the night before.

You can sweat loads if your bedroom is hot or you had a nightmare.

It’s easy to keep yourself dry by applying deodorant to your body before you lie down.

7. Stop stinky feet

It’s not only armpits that smell bad?

Rub deodorant between your toes and under your feet.

You won’t feel embarrassed when you take off your shoes as your feet won’t sweat.

8. Prevent blisters

Before you have a chance to break them in new shoes can often cause blisters.

When your feet get hot they swell and rub against your shoes, causing painful blisters.

Apply antiperspirant deodorant in your shoes and it will soak up the sweat, preventing blisters.

9. Razor burn

As summertime approaches it’s time to break out your swimsuit.

Deodorant can actually put a stop to razor burn for anyone who shaves their head.

After shaving, apply some deodorant on your bikini/swimsuit to keep your skin soft and prevent irritation.