Meet The Woman Who Didn’t Realize She Was Pregnant Until 30 Minutes Before She Gave Birth

We’ve all heard the stories about the women who didn’t know they were pregnant until they gave birth or the women who don’t realize they are pregnant until they are six months along. While it’s hard to believe that someone could go so long without experiencing any of the telltale signs of pregnancy, it manages to happen more often than we expect.

The latest of these last-minute pregnancy stories involves an Ohio mom who discovered that she was pregnant just 30 minutes before giving birth.

The Cleveland resident, named Ally Opfer, was hospitalized for what her doctors thought were kidney stones until an ultrasound revealed that she was actually 38 weeks pregnant. Talk about an unexpected surprise!

And just thirty minutes later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy that she named Oliver.

“I always loved babies and knew I wanted to be a mom one day,” said Opfer, who is 23-years-old. “Not necessarily right then. I was shocked and didn’t really believe it, I didn’t realize how much I needed him until I had him.”

It’s been a year since Opfer gave birth to her surprise baby, and it still manages to shock her when she thinks about it. She’s not the only one that is baffled by it, as her family members and friends are just as bewildered that she could go so long without realizing that she was pregnant. She did share that she took a few pregnancy tests early on but they came up negative and her periods had always been irregular so she wasn’t concerned when she stopped having them altogether.

“I felt fine, I never started showing, everything was normal,” Opfer recalled about her pregnancy. “It could be because the way I was carrying or the way my son was in my stomach. I’m not really sure why I didn’t show.”

Luckily, she had never been a drinker or a smoker so she didn’t put her baby at risk during those nine months, however; she admits that she didn’t eat super healthy and she indulged in deli meats and tuna, which are things that pregnant women are told to avoid.

It all started when she began having painful cramps which she thought were menstrual cramps at the time. Two days later those cramps got severely worse and she was in so much pain that she was screaming. It was at this point that she was taken to the hospital and doctors conducted several tests before they discovered she was, in fact, pregnant.

Due to complications with the delivery, she ended up delivering baby Oliver by C-section two days before Christmas, and now, a year later she is utterly happy that he made a surprise entrance in her life.

“Even though I didn’t think I wanted a child or needed one yet, once he came, he definitely made me realize how much I needed him,” Opfer said. “He is my very best friend. Our connection is so strong. He is always following me around the house. We are always playing together when I am home.”