Man’s rectum ‘falls out’ after sitting on the toilet for 30 minutes

I sure hope you’re not sitting on the toilet right this instant. But if you are perched on top of your porcelain throne, you may want to check how long you’ve been there. And if that number is close to 30 minutes, you should probably finish up quick. A veritable horror story has emerged from China this week, about a man who had a rather serious accident whilst doing his business.

Now, while many people are fans of scatological humour (don’t ask me why), this story certainly won’t have you clutching your sides – or perhaps it will, but not in the “ha ha” kind of way. You see, a man in southeast China was rushed to the hospital after his rectum fell out of his body. And yes, you read that correctly.

According to the Daily Mail, an unnamed man from southeast China had been sitting on the toilet for just over half an hour, while he was playing downloadable games on his phone. Sounds innocuous enough, right?

Apparently not. After feeling a ball-shaped object protruding from his anus, he felt compelled to contact the emergency services. Doctors deemed the problem serious enough to require urgent medical attention, and surgeons operated to remove the protrusion.

According to Dr Su Dan, who works in gastrointestinal surgery at The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, the man was diagnosed with a rectal prolapse, which happens when the lining of the rectum slides out of place and ends up outside of the body.

Speaking to local media, Dr Su Dan stated, “The patient had rectal prolapse since he was four years old, the bulge was able to retract. But he did not treat the condition and the situation has got worse.”

You can say that again…

A CT scan was carried out on the patient, and it depicted a large spherical bulge sticking out from the man’s anus. The lump was purportedly 16cm in diameter (yikes) and was successfully removed via invasive surgery.

Although the unidentified man came out relatively unscathed, Dr Su Dan did say that he’s having to deal with bruising and cuts along his intestinal wall. He is currently recovering in hospital.

While the doctor clarified that this individual had suffered from prolapse at a young age, he did stress that spending long periods of time on the toilet, trying to pass a stool, can weaken the pelvic muscles.

He added that if you believe something similar has happened to you, the best thing to do is seek emergency medical attention. And though this may be a given to you and me, I’d dread to think that someone could suffer a similar fate to this poor, unfortunate soul – so pay attention to what’s going on down there, folks.