Here’s What Happens If You Crack An Egg Outside In One Of The Coldest Places On Earth (video)

The depths of winter can turn everyone into something of a recluse. But for a man in China, the winter turned him into something of a scientist. Wang Ping, a man living in one of the most northerly parts of China, took the opportunity that came with temperatures of negative 40 degrees Celsius this past week to test out how quickly things are freezing. The frigid air turns this cracked egg frozen solid in almost no time!

Ping also tries the same trick with instant noodles and a bottle of red tea. The noodles freeze into an icicle so quickly it is difficult to believe! The frozen instant noodles can stand on their own and even support a chopstick. But this is no fake – the video of Ping pouring the red tea out of its bottle and watching it freeze almost immediately as it runs down the side of a pool is absolutely real! This is the “real iced tea,” Ping said to Chinese news outlets.

Living in the Huzhong district, Daxing’anling Prefecture of Heilongjiang Province, can have its downsides in the winter as temperatures fall to an average of negative 40 degrees Celsius! That means some days it gets even lower than that. When the weather is that cold and no one wants to go outside, Ping is out doing his experiments and filming them for everyone on the internet to see. He deserves our thanks for that – can you imagine operating a video camera in that cold weather? It’s surprising the camera worked!

In the video below that has captured the internet’s attention, Wang Ping cracks an egg onto a metal surface outside in the frigid temperatures. The egg hits the metal and starts to freeze almost instantly! When Ping pokes at it a second later, it’s easy to see how quickly the temperature has worked its magic. Now the egg is a frozen friend egg – and though it looks interesting, it is not the kind of fried egg you’d want on your breakfast plate beside some sausages and hash browns though.

Wang Ping has encouraged people to come visit his province where they too can experience the fresh, clean air and snow. For those living in the polluted cities of China’s eastern provinces, maybe this is a good opportunity to get an unorthodox holiday. Aside from cracking eggs outdoors, this may be a chance to try some winter sports or just learn to appreciate the value of a nice warm drink after coming back inside.

Whatever the case, and wherever you are this winter, it is important to stay active. The winter can be a hard time as people hide from the cold weather inside, but it is also important to get outside and enjoy what the winter has to offer. If it’s as cold where you are as it is in the Huzhong District though, stay safe – and why not conduct some science experiments of your own! It might not make a nice breakfast but the video may go viral – like Wang Ping’s.