When I Started Making These Tiny Changes At The Grocery Store, It Made A Huge Difference

Although it is a good idea to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet, you might not have known that some choices are much healthier than others. You know that you should eat more apples. But did you know that some apples have a lot more sugar in them than others? It is a little-known fact and something you can change that can deliver a massive impact for the better on your health.

When we select the right types of fruit and veggie varieties, we can give our health a much-deserved boost. Since you’re already doing the hard work of eating right, making a small change and choosing a different apple or a different type of grape can have lasting results for your health.

Daily Mail’s Femail team took a look at some of the most commonly enjoyed fruits and veggies. And they found that some of them had as much as twice as many calories and grams of sugar. That’s a lot when you’re trying to do the right thing and eat healthily.

Onions or shallots?

Both contain prebiotic fiber. Both contain nutrients. But shallots give you so much more. Loaded with vitamin, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, shallots are downright better for you. Plus they offer more calcium, which is good for your bones.

Avocado or avocado light?

Avocado Light has about 30 percent less fat and 90 fewer calories than the original. Although avocados are packed with nutrients and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, so a light variety of avocado can do the job with fewer calories.

Purple or green cabbage?

Overall, cabbage is an excellent source of nutrients and can fight against cancer. But purple/red cabbage contains even more vital nutrients. With ten times more vitamin A, twice the iron, and 36 antioxidants, red cabbage is the better choice any day.

Naval or blood orange?

With 40 percent more vitamin C, blood oranges reign supreme.

Red or regular dates?

Dates are a delicious and healthy after-dinner snack. But red dates contain 60 percent fewer calories. They also have half the sugar and 10 percent more fiber. They’re downright superior to the regular variety.

Canned or fresh sweet corn?

You might think fresh is always better, but canned sweet corn contains 44 percent more beta-carotene. The canning process helps break down corn’s cell walls and release more nutrients.

Green or purple grapes?

Although grapes are not as nutritious compared to other fruits, they’re loaded with phytochemicals. And links have indicated that grapes can help the aging brain and reduce the risk of heart disease. And the darker the grape, the better it is for you.

Regular or mini bananas?

Both taste great and are loaded with potassium. But regular bananas have about 3g less sugar than mini ones.

Granny Smith or gala apples?

You may think that all apples are created equal, but they’re not. Gala contain up to 23g of sugar while Granny Smith apples have only 17 grams. Choose the green apples and enjoy a much healthier, guilt-free snack.

Will you make any changes next time you grocery shop?