Mom has never given her baby carbs or sugar before, see how she looks now

At only 13 months old Grace Cooper has never had sugar or a carb in her entire life!

A strict diet like that is even difficult for adults to adhere to

Naturally, she eats fruit which contains natural sugars, just nothing with added sugar.

Shan Cooper, her mother is a well-known fitness guru.

Like her mother, Gace is also on a strict meat-and-vegetable diet.

They are both following the Paleo Diet as Shan doesn’t like labels.

The Coopers stick to a natural diet avoiding heavily processed foods.

As a result, Grace is one happy and healthy baby girl!

Shan has expressed that when her daughter is old enough to understand what she likes or not, she won’t force her to remain on a strict diet.

Creating a solid foundation for her baby’s future health is all she wants to achieve.

Shaun explains “If she eats a piece of bread I’m not going to have a conniption.”

“She’s going to go to kids’ parties and eat what’s there. I’m never going to go to Grace, ‘You can’t eat anything at this party, but I packed you some kale, here you go,” she concludes.

Shan has been on the Paleo diet for a long time, she explains that her daughter has only been sick once in her life.

Some dietitians don’t recommend this strict of a diet for young children.

Dr. Rosemary Stanton, who expressed concern regarding the lack of grains in Grace’s diet.

Parents considering the paleo diet should consult with their pediatricians before making any changes.

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