7 McDonald’s Items That Were So Crazy They Had To Be Taken Off The Menu

For McDonald’s, being a multinational food-chain means trying new things to stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s adding a new burger or a new dipping sauce, sometimes you need to take a leap of faith to see if it pays off. There have been some trends that are still going strong, but there have also been a few McDonald’s items that were so insane that they had to be taken off the market.
At the moment, McDonald’s has some great trends on their menu. Once a year, they have their McDonald’s Monopoly promotion. What that entails is each customer has the ability to collect monopoly pieces. If they collect a certain amount, they can win prizes. They also have their McDouble combos which are value meals for those who can’t afford the more premium items.
But with all the good that McDonald’s does for the world, there have been items that didn’t work out. Below are the top McDonald’s items that had to be taken off the menu.
Mulan Szechuan Sauce: In 1998, McDonald’s introduced the Mulan Szechuan dipping sauce as a promotion with the Disney movie Mulan. Recently, the hit television show Rick and Morty brought back the sauce by mentioning it in the show. However, McDonald’s made a huge error when they predicted that everyone would want the sauce.

Hula Burger: The only way you would remember this burger is if you were born in the 60’s. The Hula burger was added to the menu for the Catholic community. It was to give them a guilt-free Lent Friday option. It consisted of sliced pineapple and cheese. It was added to the menu around the same time as the Filet-O-Fish. When the Filet-O-Fish became more than just a Friday option, the Hula burger was dropped from the menu.

Onion Nuggets: Do you remember when McDonald’s had their dollar menu? That menu included the onion nuggets. They were put on the dollar menu as a taste test to see if customers would take a liking to it. They were supposed to be a smaller alternative to the onion ring. Unfortunately, customers did not take a strong liking to it and it was quickly removed.

Super Size: In most fast-food restaurants, you have the option to upsize your drink and fries. But do you remember when McDonald’s took it one step further? They gave you the option to supersize your fries and drinks. The supersize included a seven-ounce drink (610 calories) and 42-ounce fries (410 calories). That is five times the recommended serving for fries and a soft drink. This promotion was doing well until the documentary Super Size Me came out. It destroyed their promotion and forced McDonald’s to remove it.

The McPizza: The McPizza was an 80’s and 90’s hit. It was a way for McDonald’s to try and compete with other fast-food chains that didn’t sell burgers. Unfortunately, it was discontinued nationwide because McDonald’s is a fast-food chain, and pizza takes longer to cook. However, there are a few places in the United States that still sell it.

McSpaghetti: Unfortunately the McSpaghetti ran into the same issue that the McPizza did. It was too expensive to be sold in a fast-food restaurant that was known for delivering quick service. Spaghetti is not a meal that is cooked quickly and it can’t sit for a long period of time.

The McDLT: If you remember the 80’s commercial of the McDLT, then you know the only good thing about the McDLT was the commercial. The concept of the McDLT was to separate the cold part of your bun that contained the vegetables, with the other part of the bun with the hot patty. From an environmental standpoint, it was a nightmare. From a customer standpoint, it was not something they liked.

So there you have it; a complete list of all the crazy ideas that McDonald’s tried to implement into their company. When you look back on it, you can only laugh at the ideas. As crazy and unproductive as they were, you can’t fault McDonald’s for trying to adapt to change. If you don’t take a risk, you’ll never receive that reward.