Father cut’s off daughter’s hair to punish her for birthday present from mum

Beauty comes from within. Despite that, we all care about our appearance. Especially since it such a great feeling to make an effort and look well.

We all like to pay a little extra attention to our hair, considering that it’s one of our most recognizable features. Even the most confident of people hibernate when our hairstyle goes terribly wrong until we amend it.

The new teenager Kelsey turned 13 in January and like most she wanted to try a different style. Her mother Christine had approved her request to get highlights. Off they went on her birthday so treat her to the new look.

Christine took a photo of herself and daughter Kelsey smiling contently at how her new hair turned out.

Kelsey went to visit her father and stepmother – little did she realize the trip would be as traumatizing.

Photos were taken by her mother after the visit are outrageous and crushing for young Kelsey or any young girl.

Kelsey is even too embarrassed to show her face. You just need to take one look at the picture to understand what happened. Kelsey’s beautiful long highlighted hair was chopped off, leaving her with extremely short hair.

Kelsey’s Aunt posted on Facebook “when they saw her highlights the girl’s father and stepmother cut Kelsey’s long hair. Their reason? ”Actions have consequences.”

The decision to give her such a severe haircut was because they were so bothered about the highlights for some unknown reason.

Incidentally, the father and stepmother may suffer consequences of their own. Both of them have been suspended without pay.

Christine wrote, on Facebook that reason for the severe new haircut was to embarrass Kelsey. Many comments from people who have been devastated on behalf of the young girl have been received.

Can you imagine how devastating this must be for Kelsey, who will be reminded of the event every time she looks at pictures? Here’s what Kelsey’s mom wrote on Facebook:

Social services in Wood County are administering an investigation since the post went viral.

Hopefully, her father and stepmother will be punished for their terrible behavior and Kelsey will receive justice.

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