Disgusting Pictures Of Little Boy’s Encounter With School Bully

Bullying is a problem that plagues almost every school, and according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, more than one out of every five students report being bullied.
There are a number of different forms of bullying, all which are harmful in their own way. However, one 7-year-old boy, Jak, has been victim to continual brutal physical torment that landed him in the hospital.
Jak’s mother, Elaine, decided to share his story and the disturbing aftermath of the latest attack in pursuit of justice for her son and to stand up to bullies everywhere.
Elaine Henson revealed that her son Jak had been bullied by one child in particular for an entire term. Jak has been subject to being whipped with skipping ropes, stabbed with a pencil, scratched, punched, called names, and hit around the face with a tennis racket.

Jak’s bully even wrangled his brother and a few friends to jump on his head. However, it was the most recent incident that forced Elaine to seek justice on a much grander platform.

On the school grounds, Jak’s bully was repeatedly hitting him and ended up pushing him so hard that he hit his head on a metal pole. Jak ended up with a large lump that was continuing to swell, which prompted Elaine to take him to the hospital.

Elaine was told by doctors that Jak had only suffered a concussion, despite the lump starting to leak pus and causing him unbearable pain.

Jak was repeatedly dismissed by doctors with only having a concussion, but since then, the boy has undergone surgery to drain a blood clot and even had to have an electric vacuum drain inserted.

Elaine went to the Telford Police Station but was told there was nothing they could do considering the boys are under ten years old. The mother also alleged that Jak’s school has done nothing to solve the issue.

“My son has been in a hospital bed for 6 days,” Elaine wrote on Facebook. “Not once has the bully missed a break time or received any punishment!”

Jak has been subject to antibiotics, painkillers and even morphine to deal with the pain. However, Elaine states that his bully has faced absolutely no consequences for his actions and continues on as normal.

Not getting any help from the local police or Jak’s school, Elaine turned to Facebook and created a page called “Justice For Jak,” which has already amassed over 206,000 likes and followers

Ever since Jak’s story has been shared, donations have begun to flood in from across the world to support the 7-year-old.

Elaine has continually updated Jak’s followers on his condition with the latest news being that Jak’s hair won’t likely grow back and his scarring will last forever.

“We need to stand up to bullies,” Elaine wrote on Facebook. “Pull together and make a change! Teach our children to be kind, teach our children to speak up.”