20 Worst Moms Ever

We all love our moms. They take care of us, they cook for us, they clean for us, and, most of all, they love us. Most people probably wouldn’t admit that their moms are anything short of amazing, but there are a few exceptions out there that may leave us questioning the abilities of certain moms. Some moms do some odd things which make us doubt their skills as parents. Some of these things include:

Get matching tattoos with their underage child
Take provocative selfies…in front of their kids!

I don’t think any of us would ever say anything to badmouth our mothers, but these moms have some odd habits that are definitely questionable. We’ll let you be the judge.

Here is a roundup of 20 of the worst moms ever:

1. I think we all know how obsessive some Hello Kitty fans out there can be, but tattooing ANYTHING on your own child is wrong, inhumane, disgusting and absurd. What was this mom thinking?!

2. Does this photo make you as uncomfortable as it makes me? It should. It should make us all shudder.

3. How can a person, much less a mother, defend giving their own child Botox injections? I’m sure this is highly illegal.

4. There’s nothing like playing around, having a good time with your mom…and then getting kicked in the face. Ouch.

5. When mom wants to have fun, she has fun! The kids can wait for their turn.

6. Is it a new trend these days to get matching tattoos with your underage child? The fact that someone would get a tattoo with their own child is disturbing enough…but what tattoo artist in their right mind would agree to do it? I really hope that it’s fake, but for some reason I highly doubt it.

7. Why change your child’s diaper in a bathroom when you can do it on the floor of a convenience store? I mean, we get it, it can be tough finding a public bathroom with a diaper station, but come on.

8. Taking a picture on a windy day on a lawn full of leaves may have seemed like a good idea at first, but upon further consideration I’m sure this mom second guessed her decision.

9. Scaring your child is always fun…until you have to clean up the mess of potato chips that landed on the floor. What a waste.

10. Who has the time to watch a child taking a bath when it’s the perfect time for a selfie? It seems like people will do absolutely anything these days to get that perfect Snapchat video.

11. It starts off pretty simple: pick up your daughter and twirl her around in an airborne cartwheel. Sounds fun, right? It definitely is, until you accidentally drop the kid on the floor.

12. Makeup on? Check. Hair done? Check. Cleavage showing? Double check. Child yielding a knife in background? Seems like a perfect selfie to me!

13. Why bother carrying your child around? You can just stuff him in a shopping cart, where he can take a quick nap.

14. I guess this mom thinks that the right way to set an example for her young child is to destroy her body and skin by tanning to the point of no return. I truly hope this mother knows the consequences of what excessive tanning does to a person’s body.

15. A part of me is secretly hoping that this picture is Photoshopped.

16. Isn’t this highly illegal? Why even bother with the car seats?

17. You’d think that going tobogganing with your mom would be pretty fun. That is, until she slides right into you.

18. It seems like the role of mom and child are reversed in this photo. The mom is sitting down in the stroller while the baby looks on in disgust and disapproval.

19. Seeing a photo like this makes me lose faith in all of humanity. Not only is it morbid, distasteful, and hard to even look at, but the fact that the woman in the photo is smiling like that is extremely disturbing.

20. Apparently uploading a new update to Facebook or Twitter is more important than holding your newborn child for the first time!

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