14 Food Facts They Should’ve Taught Us In School

As kids, our parents told us a lot about food to help us grow into healthy adults. They told us things like how we shouldn’t eat the seeds of watermelon or we’ll grow watermelon in our tummies. But what’s really true?
If it’s not our parents telling us things, it’s advertisers trying to sell us on things that are “healthier” but in reality are just more expensive. So who do we trust to tell us the truth? Everyone seems to have different motives.
Well, we might not have all the answers for you but we definitely could think of a few food facts that they should have taught us in school. Here are 14 food facts that you probably never really new about before!
1. A lot of us learned that we shouldn’t eat past 6 PM for whatever reason. But the reality is that you shouldn’t eat 3-4 hours before bed

2. Many of us turn to whole wheat bread for weight loss. However, both white and whole wheat bread have roughly the same amount of calories.

Artificially flavored juice is probably not the best thing to drink. Freshly squeezed juice is much healthier

But too much of anything is never good. That’s why even with fresh, natural juices, you should only drink 3 glasses a day.

4. People who are dieting turn to sushi as a diet favorite. The veggies and brown rice are way better than burgers and fries. But we hate to break it to you…

The mayonnaise, soy sauce and any other sauces that they put into sushi are pretty fattening and can actually make you gain a lot more weight than you think!

5. Chocolate is a huge no-no for weight loss. But having a piece of dark chocolate a day is not only good for you but can help you lose weight..

6. As much as you want to believe, starving yourself will not make you lose any weight. Actually, eating 5-6 small meals a day will make you lose weight.

7. For some of us, drinking water can feel like a chore. People tell us we need to drink 1.5-2 liters a day but really you should drink as much as your body requires.

8. This whole time we’ve been told that brown sugar is much healthier for you than white sugar. But in reality, both sugars are equally bad for you. Find other sweeteners!

9. You should never drink cold water on an empty stomach. It’s better to eat warm oat porridge because it covers the mucous membrane which protects the stomach.

10. Having sweets, in general, can lead to different health problems in the future, like diabetes. But honey is natural and it’s perfect for energy and improving brain function.

11. If you had to choose between eating citrus fruits or nuts, pick the latter. Citrus can cause serious heart burn while nuts normalize acidity level and improve your digestive system.

12. If you have a problem with portion control, there’s a really easy trick. Simply measure the amount you should eat with the palm of your hand. Even the fattening foods!.

13. When you’re starving and have to choose between yogurt or eggs, we suggest choosing eggs. Dairy products can seriously upset your stomach, especially when it’s empty

14. How can you tell if your eggs have gone bad? Really easy, just get a bowl of water and throw in your egg. If it floats then it’s time to throw it away!