This 23-year-old travels the world to show how big it is. Here are 7 of his photos.

The greatest fear for Andrew Ling growing up was missing out on life. In a fast paced world, Andrew thought about how quickly time can go by, and how much of life you can miss out on.

“What I feared was that I might run out of time and how everything seemed to go by far too quickly,” he said.

He decided at age 23 to go out and see the world before him.


The enormous planet we all live on. Yet so much of our time nowadays is staring at tiny screens. Rather than roaming the streets, we are scrolling our smartphones. Instead of experience different cultural gaps, we are immersed in the same old comment threads. And those engaging in the time-wasting political complaining and constant news updating, are losing out on another chunk of living as they get consumed into the never ending abyss of information overload.

Meanwhile rivers and seas are flowing, mountains and valleys remain epic and vast, and urban spaces are a sight in and of themselves to experience.

So Andrew has been travelling and observing all of this. He’s also been capturing it in a unique way.

He pulls back for a moment and captures the epic nature of it all while using silhouettes of people in order to reveal the massive scale of what is before him.

While our world is big, we tend to view it through screens, making it all appear small. Yet of course we are the ones who are tiny and the planet immense.


Being in these places, in person, is an experience that truly shows you the real proportion of it all. It is then when we can really appreciate the massive beauty around us. And in turn, our problems, worries, and stresses also begin to be viewed as small and ridiculous in comparison.


Here’s Andrew on the life-changing experience that travel can bring:

“Growing up, I had never seen anything like these beautiful places before. So when I did, it was life-changing … literally.”

It’s either himself, or strangers also enjoying the view, who Andrew captures in his photos.


This pulling back to see the bigger picture of what we are really surrounded by allows us to put things in perspective, giving us more inspiration to fulfill our own life’s goals.


So much out there to see!


It’s not just the landscapes either, it’s the human interaction and the shared experiences which also make it all worthwhile.

“To think that people actually spend their daily lives in a place that we often travel thousands of miles to see is mind-blowing. In Chile, I found some of the most genuine and beautiful people I have ever met. Directly and indirectly, they reminded me not to just create things in life, but to create memories and experiences as well.”


Through his camera, Andrew is able to not just capture a moment, but create inspiration for others to experience moments like this of their own.

“One day you will wake up, and there will not be enough time to do the things you have always wanted to do.
Do them now; you’ll never be as young again as you are in this very moment. ”

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