Kristen Bell Shares Her Labor And Delivery Photos, Continues To Be The Most Relatable Celeb Mom Ever

Kristen Bell has shared her labor and delivery photos and fans believe she continues to be the most relatable celeb mom ever. We all love Kristen Bell. She’s not only an incredible actress, starring in some of the most hilarious films, but she’s also a pretty amazing human being.
I mean, who can forget her heartwarming, yet hilarious interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show about her love for sloths? On top of all that, her marriage with Dax Shepard is just pure GOALS. The two are not only the sweetest together, but they also make a pretty entertaining couple. She’s just all around amazing.
Now, Kristen happens to be a mommy of two, and her labor and delivery photos on her social media are about to make her literally celeb mom of the year. I mean, she was mom of the year even before she posted the labor and delivery photos.
This past Halloween, Kristen proved just what a devoted mother she is to her two daughters. She posted a photo of herself dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, not looking super enthused, but proving that she doesn’t argue with her daughter’s request.

She hilariously captioned the photo, writing “When your daughter demands you BOTH be ELSA for Halloween…YOU GRIN AND FORKING BEAR IT”. The photo captured a ton of people’s attention, giving fans a real laugh at the photo and caption. She truly killed that Instagram post!

Recently, in honor of her daughter Delta’s third birthday, Kristen posted a few relatable labor and delivery photos. The photos are of her pregnancy, labor, and newborn baby Delta, posting all the photos on her Instagram.

The caption to the photos read, “Three years ago today. 47 lbs heavier. Getting through painful contractions with back rubs and breathing. Occasionally swinging from the IV pole to try and feel sexy and open up my hips. After 36 hours of labor, I met a girl I love more than all the molecules in all the world. Happy birthday, Delta. Love, mom #meshpanties”.

The first photo she showed is of Kristen pretty far along in her pregnancy, sitting on a bouncy ball. As she noted, “Three years ago today. 47 lbs heavier”. Anyone who’s been pregnant knows that this famous pic comes along with the beginning stages of pregnancy.

She then posts a photo of her in labor, with husband Dax making an appearance in the photo. This photo goes with her caption “getting through painful contractions with back rubs and breathing”. I’m sure a lot of moms are getting some flashbacks…

Kristen then goes onto posting more labor and delivery photos, sharing a photo of herself trying to feel sexy and open up those hips of hers on the IV pole. Nice to know she’s still her funny self while going into labor…what a strong woman!

She ends off her posts of labor and delivery photos sharing a photo of herself and Delta when she was just born. Looking content and happy snuggling with her baby girl. Seeing this photo makes the pain and discomfort all totally worth it! You go, girl!