This Baby Was Dying So Nurse Laid Twin Next To Her To Say Goodbye. Then A Miracle Happened

It would not have been common for babies in the neo-natal intensive care unit to be handled up to 20 years ago, never imagine even sharing an incubator. 20 years ago, the medical community had the belief that premature babies could possibly be too fragile or delicate. One nurse would change that belief.

During the year of 1995 in Worcester,Massachusets, the twin daughters of Paul Jackson were born 12 weeks premature, Paul had been warned that things could take a turn for the worse at any moment but the twins seemed to be in a stable condition.

It was only 3 weeks later when one of the twins began to struggle, the twin struggled to breathe and her heart rate increased to an alarming rate, the oxygen level started to drop and she quickly turned blue.

One of the NICU nurses, Gayle Kasparian, came up with an idea to try something, this idea was something that was only being practised in Europe at the time and had no been done yet in the U.S. Her idea was to take the stronger twin, Kyrie, and place her inside the incubator with her sister Brielle. What happened was nothing short of a miracle.

After a few seconds, Kyrie moved and put her tiny arm around her sister. Brielle, who was fighting for her life, instantly began to stabilize. Her breathing and heart rate all returned to normal.

That sweet moment made history when a newspaper photographer, who just happened to be at the hospital, snapped a picture of the twins’ embrace.

In due time, the twins went home. Their parents placed them, once again, in the same bed where they continued to thrive. Even after five years, according to mom and dad, the twins still slept together and, not surprisingly, still snuggled.