Parents Are Devastated After Seeing What’s Living Inside Their Disabled Son’s Breathing Tube

Visiting the hospital is never much fun. It means seeing someone at their worst which is hard to do. While we all get sick and we all have to go to the doctor or hospital at some point, we don’t want that to be a regular occurrence. Unfortunately, some people need to have extended stays in the hospital. Perhaps their pneumonia got really bad or they were injured in a car crash. And while no one wants to be in the hospital, thankfully people have made it their mission to help people recover from injuries and sicknesses. While we would think it would be easy to show the caretakers, doctors and nurses respect, that doesn’t always come naturally. Seeing sick family members can bring up negative emotions like anger and sadness. And those don’t always put us in the best place to connect with others.

41-year-old Steven has been disabled ever since he was involved in a car crash 26 years ago. He cannot breathe on his own and needs health care workers around to help him perform daily tasks. Without them he could die.

Recently, a nurse came to visit him in the nursing home where he stays. And during her visit, she made a discovery that nauseated her – and will likely make your stomach turn.

Something horrible and sinister was living in Steven’s breathing tube. It could be the most or at least the second most disgusting insect to be on the planet.

The nurse didn’t believe it at first. But when she looked closer her worst fear was confirmed. Steven’s breathing tube was infested with maggots – yes maggots. The disgusting wormy larvae we all loathe.

What level of neglect was Steven subjected to? Who let maggots breed in the tube that is supposed to provide him oxygen – our most precious resource.

After the discovery, Steven was rushed to the hospital. The doctors found a horrible truth – Steven was infested with maggots.

How could a patient at a nursing home experience a maggot infestation in his body and breathing tube – unless they criminally neglected him?

Although this poor disabled man had maggots in his breathing tube and throat, not one employee or manager at the nursing home got a slap on the wrist. No one was fired. No legal action was taken against the nursing home. The nursing home even tried to keep the situation secret.

Instead of admitting their problem, they took in more patients and probably gave them the same terrible treatment as they did Steven.

If you want to put a stop to this kind of neglect, you need to share this story with your family and friends. The more awareness there is the less likely it will happen again. And if it does happen again, there will be consequences.

The video below goes through all the details of this criminal neglect. Do you think Steven’s family should press charges against the facility and his caretakers?

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