Mom Near Death after Popular Drink Sends Her to ER. Now She’s Warning All to Not Make Same Mistake

Mary always has a dirty little secret full stop this little secret. this little secret would not ruin her reputation, but is nearly cost the 26 year old her life.

Mary started feeling ill and decided it was time to visit the hospital. it was at the hospital where her secret came out.

Doctors phone that the 26 year olds liver was double the size it should have been. All had also put on a large amount of weight.

Mary had been consuming up to 20 cans of the popular energy drink Red Bull everyday for the last four years. In terms of sugar and caffeine contents comma that would be the equivalent of eating over a dozen cookies or candy bars and drinking over at doesn’t cups of coffee per day full stop.

Alwood had initially began consuming the drink for energy. However Mary quickly let her energy fix turn into an addiction.

“I needed the taste and fizziness. It was my heroin. I would feel awful if I didn’t have it,” she said. The only liquid that Allwood drank was Red Bull.

Allwood even began to lie to the grocery store assistant telling them that she owned a restaurant as she was purchasing dozens of cans of the energy drink at a time.

Following her hospital visit, the 26 year old swapped out the unhealthy energy drink for the healthier option of water. she feels a lot better and has lost a nice amount of weight now that she’s staying away from the energy drink.

Allwood is trying to warn others about the danger of energy drinks by sharing her own experience. she believes energy drinks such as Red Bull should carry health warnings similar to cigarettes on the packaging. hopefully by SHARING her experience she will inspire others to limit their Red Bull consumption.