At Age 70 She Gave Birth To Quadruplets And You Wouldn’t Believe Who The Dad Is

Many women ask themselves the question! What age should i have children before? The answer is normally before 30 and definitely not after 40. A 65 year old grandmother has defied all the odds giving birth to quadruplets in Germany. This biology defying feat for womankind has the science world baffled. Doctor’s had advised her she was too old for such an undertaking on her body, yet she persisted and ended up winning. She did however have a very early and risky delivery. This grandma is an inspiration and defines the term girl power as we know it.
Annegret Raunigk is not your typical 65 year old who you might think spent her life alone trying to have children. No! Quiet the opposite in fact. She has lived a prosperous life filled with 13 children, that’s not including the quadruplets by the way. With children ranging from the ages of 9 up to 44, some who have their own children who have children making Annegret a super super granny.

The reason behind Annegret becoming pregnant again at the age of 65 is quiet unusual. She done so because her youngest child wanted a younger brother or sister. And that is all it took for her to set about her nature defying feat and seek fertility treatment. One can only wonder if the youngest sibling is happy with four new siblings as opposed to one, but as the saying goes.. always be careful what you wish for!

As with most women of her age, Raunigk had went through her menopause. This meant that she would be unable to go along the normal means of conception. She turned to IVF treatment to fulfill her daughter’s wish, but what she required is illegal in Germany and very controversial.

The procedure she was about to undertake would require both donor sperm and a donor egg. This meant she would not be the biological mother of the babies she carried. With this practice being illegal in Germany, Raunigk had to fly to the Ukraine to be artificially inseminated with both a donor egg and sperm.

The eager mother knew she was pregnant, yet was totally stunned when her 21-week ultrasound uncovered somewhat more than one infant. Specialists informed her she was conveying not one, but rather four babies, which was essentially a scientific wonder, taking her age into account. Most young women would not even believe the screen if it happened to them.

When she broke the news of her wonder with her family everyone was overjoyed. The doctors overseeing her pregnancy were somewhat concerned with the possible outcomes of a woman her age carrying quadruplets that could occur. One of the professionals recommended ‘selective reduction’ which would mean removing one or more of the unborn fetuses to improve her chance of successful delivery. Doing so would highly increase her chances of giving birth and take stress off the remaining babies.

Raunigk refused the counsel of her specialists and said she would proceed with each of the four children, in spite of the dangers. She likewise got a great deal of feedback from individuals everywhere throughout the world who read about her pregnancy. In any case, she proceeded with her path and would not give other individuals a chance to alter her opinion damper her joy of bringing four children into the world.
Specialists were at first stunned that every one of the four eggs utilized as a part of the IVF treatment had effectively been fertilized. It’s very typical for numerous utilized while undergoing the treatment, as the odds of all being implanted are to a great degree very low. Raunigk was perhaps a medical miracle, particularly given the way that her body was well past the normal age of conception.
Specialists weren’t lying when they said the pregnancy would be upsetting for Raunigk. Three months before her due date she was admitted to hospital. Very few infants survive being conceived that early, and every one of them required some type of very intensive care, including breathing help and a few surgeries.
All of the quadruplets survived to the joy of everyone involved. Premature births can very very risky especially at such an early stage in a pregnancy. Being three months early carried very high risks but thankfully all babies are now fully healthy. Raunigk gave birth to three boys and a girl, their names are Bence, Dries, Fijon and Neeta the little girl. The quadruplets are now flourishing and have tripled their weight since birth.
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