She Didn’t Think Prince Harry Would Recognize Her, But His Face When He Sees Her Says It All

Every year Prince Harry attends numerous charity events for organizations he supports, greeting and meeting numerous people along the way. Carrying out such tasks out behalf of the crown can be very time consuming, but Harry always ensures he spends time with his fans.

People often travel great distances when they hear the Prince is paying a visit just to see him in person. Some of the more luckier fans even get a handshake or perhaps the odd kiss on the cheek.

One particular woman endured the elements for several hours so she could meet her favorite member of the Royal Family.Prior to this meeting she had met the Prince two years earlier and hoped that he would remember her.

It was during the Prince’s visit to Sydney Australia, to promote the Invictus Games. Daphne Dunne, a 97-year-old widow had waited patiently with thousands of fans to greet Harry as he toured Sydney Harbour.

As he moved through the throngs of people greeting as many as he could he finally came to Daphne. He immediately recognized her face from the very first time they had met and reached out to the her.

The pair had first met when he was working with the Australian Defence Force and stopped at the Sydney Opera House. The prince spotted an old lady in the crowd that very day wearing multiple military medals. One such medal that stood out was the Victoria Cross, which is the highest award of the United Kingdom honors system.

Daphne herself was a veteran of the Australian Women’s Army service. She informed the Prince that she lost her husband during World War || and the medal had been awarded to him after his death(posthumously). Sadly they had only been married a year when he was tragically taken from her life.

She now wears the medal to honor the memory of her beloved husband, Albert Chowne. Daphne often attends events supporting those who have given service to their country, proudly wearing her medals of service and those of her husband. When they had first met two years ago, Harry gave Daphne a kiss on the cheek and repeated his gesture again when he met her. Daphne told reporters:

“He remembered me. And gave me another kiss on the other side.”

Harry spent a while chatting with Daphne ad also gave her a huge big hug to go with the kiss on the cheek.

Daphne like many others around the world recognize the Prince’s tireless work in aid of veterans and military members. The Invictus Games were developed by Harry back in 2014 to allow service personnel who have been wounded or injured to compete in various sporting events.

In 2018 the games will be hosted in Sydney Australia. We can guarantee that Daphne will be primed and ready to meet the Prince yet again. Like they say “The third time’s a charm”.

Watch the pair’s sweet reunion in the video below: