Only Those With A High IQ Can Spot The Second Animal Hiding In This Drawing Of A Frog. Can You?

Looking for a real brain buster? Feast your eyes upon this innocent enough drawing of a frog… the image, it seems, has a hidden object, and it’s likely it’ll take you more than just a passing glance to find it. The drawing shows a frog, sitting on a lily pad on the water, with background grass and landscape appearing smudged behind the animal. Look closely though. The image also has a hidden horse somewhere among the picture.

Given the limited amount of detail included in the drawing, it’s hard to imagine that there could be anything more than a frog sitting on the water. Therein lies the trickiness of the hidden image.

With the background of the drawing seeming a bit unclear, it’s likely that most people’s eyes would begin searching this area for a horse. Many who’ve searched for the hidden horse have attempted to find the full body of the animal, but that’s an easy mistake to make. Instead of trying to locate a horse in full, those taking on this challenge should know that it’s only a horse’s head they should be trying to locate.

Have you found it yet? Perhaps you expect it to be obscured by the lily pad or super tiny so that it’s almost unnoticeable to find among the details of the pencil drawing.

If you’re still coming up empty, it’s time to drop a major hint: you’ll want to focus solely on the frog and the area directly under him, dismissing everything happening behind him.

If it’s still unclear to you, a change of perspective will reveal all. Giving just a tip of your head to the right while focusing on the frog shows a profile of a horse’s head, with the frog’s face becoming the muzzle/nose of the horse. The area of the frog’s legs is actually the horse’s eye.

All of that shaded area below the frog is actually now the horse’s mane.

It’s interesting how a change of view is a total gamechanger and that’s why it’s such a mind-boggling puzzle for people to sort out. Most people begin searching among the finer details of the drawing to discover the hidden animal, but it’s actually in plain sight.

Many people weighed in with comments around Facebook, discussing the puzzle, with notes such as:

“Found it as soon as I read the caption. Pretty cool,” “Got it straight away frog and horse,” and “That was one of the most difficult ones I’ve seen… but I found the horse.”

While others had difficulty locating the hidden animal, there were plenty of suggestions for finding it, such as:

“Turn your phone to the left, just tilted left and you’ll see what I see,” “The horse’s nose is the frog’s eye, and “It’s the angle. If you rotate the frog you will easily see the horse. As it is, the horse is on its side.”

Others said they were able to see both animals effortlessly, with one person noting:

“Oh wow, I saw both almost at same time.”

Another person offered this suggestion for those still stumped: “Only the nose and forehead of a horse is all that I see. Forget about the frog and you see the horse face. Hope this will help!”