Little Girls Start Dancing, But It’s The Tiny One In The Pink Tutu That Has Internet In Laughter

There are many different types of people in the world today. Most people would fit into the category of always like to go with the flow, but then there are those who like to march to the beat of their own drum.

The little girl in the video below is one such individual! She like to break away from normal routine as instructed by her ballet teacher and throw down her own moves.

As the little girl decides to bust a groove without little or no care, her mom thankfully manages to capture the hilarious footage unknowns’t to her little girl. Let’s just say it will have you rolling around in laughter!

According to research, young toddlers love nothing more than getting out and dancing for numerous reasons. At the ages of between 12 and 14 months toddlers develop a good hold on their body movement and therefore like to test things out. And how better to test your body movement out than to get out there and get down with the beats.

Getting out on the dance floor and moving to the rhythm is great for them to be able to develop their coordination and movement and perhaps show off just a little bit.

Most toddlers will have a favorite genre of music normally relating to a movie or TV show. This little lady just loves to share her dance moves during ballet class no matter what music is playing.

As the class begin their normal routine with highly refined moves, the little girl decides to break into her own routine and show everyone her moves. She had a head strong personality and an unrepressed nature that won’t be stifled by anything or anyone!

One can only describe the little dancing diva as the cutest thing ever! Her action and expressions will have anyone in tears!

She performs a great plie while the girls are in first position. Then she does a jammin’ hip hop move while the girls are still engaged in their ballet routine.

It was the cute shoulder rolls that got me laughing, she is so cute. She sure does march to the beat of her own drum!

Watch the hilarious video below as the little girl bust a groove out. We hope to see her in the future on America’s Got Talent and with moves like this we think she will be a future star.



Posted by Позитив на 5+ on Thursday, 19 October 2017