Rescuers Hear The Screams Of 8 Terrified Puppies Coming From A Cave. But Little Did They Know There Was One Surprise Left. [VIDEO]

I am thoroughly convinced there is NOTHING more exciting, more sweet, more pull-on-the-heart-strings-adorable than a puppy.

But times that by a thousand when there is a litter of puppies.


How could you not love these fluffy, fun, puppy-breath smelling, I-want-to-squeeze-you-all-day-long creatures.

cute-litter-puppies2.jpgEverything about them is lovely.

cute-puppies.jpgSo when rescuers got the call that some puppies were in need, they dropped everything they were doing and headed to the scene.

cute-puppies-cave-thumb.jpgWatch this epic rescue here:

Wow! What a rescue.

So thankful for there diligence in this rescue. Glad they kept going until all 9 puppies where out.

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