With this new trend your lashes will look spectacular naturally

If your eyelashes are flat, and you don’t like the extensions, this new technique will get you out of trouble in the mornings, because your eyes will look incredible without the need for mascara, or a filler.
It is the lifting of eyelashes, a technique that will lengthen them greatly and give them volume.

Comparing the false eyelashes, the lifting is neither aggressive nor harmful, in fact will strengthen your lashes much more.

It consists, first, in stretching the eyelashes from the base with the aid of a rubber that adheres to the eyelid.

The difference with the permanent is that this gum will not overfill your eyelashes, so they will not look small at all, on the contrary, they will be very long.

Add a gel that will make your eyelashes stay long and curly. Do not worry it does not burn like the permanent.

Later they are stained black to create an effect of more volume and without the need for makeup.

And ready! The result is really natural and will last six to eight weeks.

What do you think? Would you do an eyelash lift?