Kim Kardashian Just Posed In Nothing But Glitter And People Can’t Handle It

Kim Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, socialite, actress, businesswoman, model and mother of two, with a third on its way via a surrogate. It was on Monday night when she took to her Instagram to showcase her new KKW Beauty product to her more than 104 million followers. But in typical Kardashian fashion, the internet went wild after her latest Instagram post.

Kim could be seen in the photo covered in head to toe with glitter in order to promote her KKW Beauty Ultra Light Beams highlighters and glosses.

The new line of makeup will launch on December 1st.

In the photo, the mother of two could be seen wearing nothing but glitter and her gray hair tied into a high ponytail.

The highlighters come in five different shades of yellow gold, rose gold, iridescent, bronze and copper, and a duo gloss and powder set will cost $32 whereas the full collection is around $160.

While some couldn’t handle the beauty of the picture, which was meant to officially announce the release of her new product, other members of social media seemed to lambaste her.

One person commented: ‘most beautiful pic you’ve ever taken. Obsessed!’ while another wrote ‘always amazing us, simply gorgeous.’

Others simply remarked on the price tag of the beauty products. ‘This woman’s gonna drain my bank account, but at least I’ll look good’ while another tweeted: ‘well, there goes the rent check.’

Others, however, have decided to mom-shame the mother of two. One person wrote: ‘go take care of your children instead of looking in the mirror all the time.’

Another said: ‘Kim is it me or does anyone think enough of you is enough? Love to see you settle into motherhood.’

Despite the varying comments some just wanted to know if it was sand or glitter that was on her body while others wondered how many people she had to employ in order to get that stuff off of her.