Woman Watches Blood Bath Unfold at Concert. Takes Off Running then Cop Grabs Her

America grieves with Las Vegas, Nevada, where the nation’s largest gun attack took place on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. While everyone is still in shock and horror, there are lots of personal stories which are emerging telling a tale of the heroic people who helped to save a lot of lives on the night in question.

There was thousands of fans who had gathered at the Route 91 Harvest Festival which took place on the Vegas Strip, toenjoy a Jason Aldean when all of  a sudden there a lot of popping sounds heard.

Before long, everyone knew what the noises were. Gunfire was coming from somewhere, and people were being killed.

There was mas chaos broke out, as the concert performers fled the stage and the crowd attempted to find cover from the gunfire. Survivors told stories of  the gunfire lasting for a time of  at least ten minutes, but said that it felt like forever

So far 58 people have been confirmed dead, and 515 injured. Among the survivors was a woman named Gail Davis and her husband.

Davis shared her story of a  of a “guardian angel” who came to their aid during this horrendous act. It was a police officer, who took it upon himself to shield the civilians.

“[He] grabbed us, he said, ‘Come here,’” Davis shared, recounting what happened, “And we went running inside and the lights were on, and everything else was dark — they turned the stage lights off — and we went running in there, and he said, ‘Get down.’ So we got down.”

Davis recalls seeing fallen bodies lying all around them as they ran. She said that she felt she owes the officer her life.

“He was like my guardian angel,” she said. “He never left me.”

As the shooter changed weapons and the gunfire ceased for a few seconds, they stood up again. But once the shooter started firing shots again, the officer shielded their bodies with his.

“My husband was in front of me, and there [were] another two ladies behind us,” Davis said, “and the officer actually covered up to protect me from being shot because I couldn’t get out all the way.”

Stephen Paddock was identified as the 64 year old gun man, he had been firing from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Paddock had no criminal record, and family members have shared that they he had no political or religious motives, he had no mental issues and that they were as shocked and horrified as anyone.

By the time police broke into Paddock’s room, he was found dead, presumably by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The police have not yet gathered any evidence that would shed light as why Stephen Paddock chose to commit such an atrocity.

President Trump has stated that the shooting is “a act of pure evil,” and ordered that flags be flown at half-staff. The president has also praised the Las Vegas police, saying that their speed “was miraculous and prevented further loss of life.”

This incident holds the highest death toll of any other mass shooting. But if law enforcement had not been so swift, the outcome would have only been worse.