Teenager trapped in van desperately calls 911, his last message to mom is heartbreaking

When 16-year-old Kyle Plush desperately calls 911 to save his life as he found himself trapped between seats in his Honda Odyssey minivan.

Kyle used Siri’s voice activation as his arms were pinned in an attempt to give details of his whereabouts to the operator.

However, as the reception was poor they weren’t able to hear each other so the chances of locating him alive were slim.

In the event that he wasn’t found, he left a heartbreaking farewell to his mother.

Cincinnati police released the series of phone calls 16-year-old Kyle Plush where can be heard pleading with a dispatcher to help him.

Unfortunately, the authorities weren’t able to locate him in time, he was eventually found dead, stuck between the seats of his van.

Just after 3 pm on Tuesday Kyle made his first call to 911.
“Help, help, help I’m stuck in my van outside the Seven Hills parking lot. Help. I need help,” he can be heard saying.

The boy was a sophomore and was supposed to be attending an afternoon tennis match at Seven Hills School.

Below is the transcript of his last call:
* Dispatcher: Where are you?
* Kyle: I can’t hear you, I’m in desperate need of help.
* Dispatcher: What is the address?
* Kyle: Help, help, help. I can’t hear you.
* Dispatcher: Where are you?
* Kyle: If you don’t send help I’m gonna die soon.

The operator explained the following to Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputy: “It was really hard to hear. It was really a strange call.”

After the first call, in a bid to find Kyle officers searched the area.

There are several parking lots associated with the school, which made the effort to locate him extremely difficult.

The 911 operator attempted to call Kyle back, only for it to go to voicemail. Kyle returns the call, but his voice was faint:

“This is not a joke. This is not a joke. I’m trapped inside a gold Honda Odyssey van,” he says. “I probably don’t have much time left. Tell my Mom I love her, if I die.”

Kyle’s mother reported her son missing later that evening. “My son never comes home from school and we thought he was at a tennis match and he never came home from school,” she said.

His father used an app on his phone to locate the correct parking lot.

911 dispatchers received another call later that night at 9 pm confirming Kyle had been found.

Hamilton County Coroner’s Office ruled the death as accidental after the autopsy was performed: “Preliminary autopsy findings are asphyxia due to chest compression.”