Pregnant pitbull refuses to give birth: After 1 look at the ultrasound, the vet understands why

Chris and Mariesa live kind of a hectic life. You would know it’s hectic, given that there are a lot of adopted dogs that share their home with them.
One day, they had decided to take a trip to the animal shelter with the thought of picking up another dog who had been mistreated,neglected or injured.

At this particular visit, they met Storie, the pregnant pitbull. They fell in love right away with Storie and after a quick discussion, they agree to adopt her but not known to them that Storie was carrying 12 puppies in her belly…

Although the dog’s stomach was swollen and it appeared that she could be delivering the pups any day now, something was holding her back. It was not going to be at the shelter however.

Chris said: “Dogs having puppies at shelters, it’s not the best thing for them. It’s stressful for her, stressful for the puppies.”

Chris and Mariesa made the decision to look after Storie and offer a comfortable and safe enviroment in their home where she could give birth to the pups raise and nurse them safely.

The initial thought was that Storie would deliver the pups at the shelter,but the shelter seemed to be the one thing that was stopping her from doing it. She did not feel like she was in a safe enviroment.

Chris and Mariesa made a comfortable bed in their home to take care of Storie.

They thought it would take the dog time to get familiar to her new enviroment at home. But then, something incredible happened that night.

Only hours after leaving the shelter and arriving at her new home, she went into labour. Storie had 12 puppies in total and the surprising thing is that they all arrived into the world only 18 hours after they had left they shelter and arrived at Chris and Mariesa’s.

It seemed that all Storie needed was a loving home.

A short two weeks later, the pups opened their eyes for the first time and let the world see their unique personalities. The thought of having 13 dogs roaming around the house may seem a difficult task to most of us, but Mariesa and Chris seemed to cope.

A few months later, the organisation Pubbles and More Animal Rescue helped to find new homes for all 12 of Storie’s pups.

And as for Storie … well, you’ll have to watch the video below to see what happened to the amazing pitbull.

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