Nurse sees mom playing hospital piano for her terminally ill son – and it’s heartbreakingly beautiful

Little Lincoln Tanner is just 1 year old and the poor little guy has already endured a rather painful life.

He is fortunate that he is surrounded by a loving family who do their best to help him. Abby, his mother, is always striving to ensure his life can be as normal as anyone else.  She tries her best to make him laugh, and many occasions she will entertain him with bouts of spontaneous singing. A recent performance of her singing happened to be caught on video and has since gone viral online. It’s not very hard to see why.

Lincoln is suffering from a very rate and terminal form of epilepsy which is called Malignant Migrating Partial Seizures of Infancy (MMPSI). The poor little guy has a lot of seizures, sometimes up to 200 in a single day.

Abby is a mother of three who comes from South Carolina, she was after taking her son to the Duke Cancer Institute in Durham, North Carolina. In the middle of the room, she saw a beautiful black piano and she could not resist the temptation.

She pulled Lincoln’s pram up beside the piano and she took a seat. She is aware that Lincoln can hear her voice and can feel the music even though he has this rare condition. Abby began to sing a beautiful rendition of Never Enough which was made famous by the move The Greatest Showman, and WOW is it something else.

After a short time, Abby looked around only to see that a group of nurses had stopped their work. According to the Daily Mail, the all started applauding Abby.

Abby is using her new found fame from the viral video to spread awareness of Lincoln’s rare illness.  Share this article to help her in her fight!