Little girl’s tummy won’t stop growing: Doctors panic when they take a look inside

For any parent it can be very exciting when expecting a child.

One would be overcome with many emotions such as excitement or perhaps fear and anxiety.

Both parents may feel anxious about things going smoothly while also hoping for a healthy baby.

It’s a devastating experience when you have to give birth to a baby that is unwell.

Amanda and Justin from Illinois, USA, sadly had to experience this first hand when their newborn baby girl Braylee became ill a few months after her birth.

Nine months of waiting for the birth of their little girl was unimaginable for Amanda and Justin.

A few months after her birth her skin appeared yellow, it was evident that something wasn’t right with her.

Her parents discovered Braylee had a rare liver disease in February 2016. She was born without a gall bladder a condition called biliary atresia.

The function of the organ is a vital part in the digestin for the health and growth of a newborn.

Doctors informed the parents tht Braylee’s condition was critical.

As you can imagine both Amanda and Justin were totally devastated.

In order to resolve the problem doctors operated on Braylee to connect the liver to her intestines but infortunately her illness continued.

As Braylee’s condition got worse her tummy bloated almost to the size of a balloon

The doctors came to the conclusion that she may require a liver transplant.

The family were desperate as the were no emergency liver donors available.

In order to save Braylee’s live her dad Justin offered to donate part of his own liver after much consideration.

Justin was advised on the risks and possible damage involved but he didn’t care as he wanted his little girl to be alive and happy.

A miracle occured right as Justin was ready to undergo the surgery.

Somehow a liver donor was located just in the nick of time. The liver of a deceased man would be used to save the live of two small babies.

Luckily one was Braylee and the surgery was very successful.

Following the transplant Braylee responded very well to her new liver, her health gradually developed.

Just like any other toddler her skin color evntually returned to normal.

It’s amazing what a difference a year can make, recent images show 19 month old Baylee in full health.

This little girl had a second chance at live thanks to someone who signed up to be an organ donor.

What would would do without these earth angels.