Four Ohio Teens Who Killed A Father During A Stupid Prank Have Been Given Some Bad News

Four teenage boys in Ohio were bored and decided to play a prank on innocent people. So with ill intentions, they went up to a highway overpass and began tossing sandbags down on the cars below. And as they performed their prank, the teens laughed as they tortured the people on the highway. But one victim died from their act. The sandbag they dropped smashed through his windshield, crushing him. He died days later after a team of doctors struggled to save his life.

The four boys now face murder charges.

15-year-old William Parker, 14-year-old Sean Carter, 14-year-old Demetrius Wimberly, and 13-year-old Pedro Salinas have been charged with killing Marquise Byrd, 22. He was the innocent man who happened to be sitting in the passenger seat of a car as he was driven along Interstate 75 in Toledo when the teens issued his death sentence.

Apparently, the teens dropped a heavy construction sandbag from the overpass, which quickly smashed through the car’s windshield and killed the 22-year-old man after he was rushed to the hospital.

Although the incident happened on December 19, he died while doctors struggled to save him on Friday, December 22, three days after the teens tried to kill him.

Bryd’s cousin, Shaveontae King, spoke to the Toledo newspaper, The Blade, about the tragic killing.

“I would appreciate if (the boy’s parents) could at least call my auntie and tell her they’re sorry.”

But the teenage boys and their parents apparently showed zero remorse for killing the young man with a bright future. The police, on the other hand, has plans for them to pay for the crime they committed. After warrants went out for the killers, they were arrested and brought to court on Wednesday. Initially, they were charged with the juvenile equivalent of felonious assault. But that was before they were murderers.

And when the Lucas County Coroner’s Officer confirmed that Byrd died from blunt-force trauma injuries to his head and neck, prosecutors knew they had to upgrade the charges.

Byrd was on his way to visit his friends in Toledo. He had traveled to Ohio from his home in Michigan. The young man had a bright future ahead of him until these teens stole it. He was engaged to be married and had a beautiful one-year-old son.

The four teenagers put out a bright light and took away a good life from society.

“Young, energetic, outgoing, lovable. He had a bright smile,” King said of her beloved cousin.

Fox News readers shared thousands of responses to this story. The following were some of the most popular ones:

“They should go to prison.”

“Unless the prosecutor can manage to have them tried as adults, they’ll probably get three squares and a cot in a kiddie home until they are 21, then be turned loose to take part in some real crime. See what society has to look forward to?”

While some people believe society makes excuses for teenagers, one reader argued that back in the day teens had more accountability.

“Teens who grew up prior to the ‘70s knew better. No, it’s accountability. Kids today know there aren’t any serious consequences because liberals keep making excuses for their errant behavior.”

What do you think should become of these teen murderers?