Every child who visits his house dies – so far 10 kids have died there, but there will be more

In the world we live in today we are constantly bombarded with the darkness and evil that surrounds us on a daily basis. But there are some amazing people throughout the world who inspire hope and faith in humanity. One such person is Mohamed Bzeek, and in today’s troubled world Mohamed is a ray of light shining through the darkness.

It is unusual to find people with such love and care in the world today. Not many would think that Mohamed Bzeek, who sports a big bushy beard is one such person. What Mohamed has done is take on a selfless task in life, fostering abandoned children who are terminally ill. Not only are the children sick, they have been abandoned by their parents. Thanks to Mohamed these children will not spend their remaining time on this earth alone and abandoned in a hospital bed. The children he fosters are surrounded with the love, care and joy they so deserve for their remaining time here.

Mohamed’s compassion for these children came to light when he was 62 years old and was diagnosed with cancer. His life up to then had in no way been easy, his wife had passed away and he was caring for his handicapped son. Mohamed felt completely alone as he entered hospital to face surgery with no one by his side – exactly like all the abandoned children visiting hospitals on a daily basis.
In the video below, Mohamed reveals to us how he felt as a cancer patient in hospital. He describes how he now relates with these abandoned children, and the feeling of loneliness they carry in their lives. I would encourage everyone to watch this video, because we need more people like this man in our world today.

Mohamed Bzeed is a truly amazing human being with a heart of gold. His selfless acts give dying children a sense of joy and happiness in a world where they are otherwise cast aside. He offers these children a loving home with the care and security they deserve. One could only wish there were more people like Mohamed in the world today, it would make it a much brighter place.
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