Dog ‘Cooked Alive’ After Groomer Leaves Golden Retriever In A Drying Cage For Too Long

In May 2015, Allison Marks dropped off her two-year-old golden retriever, Colby, at a Petco in Midlothian, Virginia, for a grooming appointment. It was the last time she saw her beloved dog alive.

Marks became increasingly concerned  when she had not heard from the groomers by 1 p.m. She decided to call then and she was told to go to a local animal clinic.

“They didn’t even tell me why I had to go there, just that one of the managers would meet me there,” Marks said. “I walked into it blind.” When she arrived, she saw poor Colby lying on the vet’s table,completely lifeless. He had been left inside the drying cage for too long of a period and he overheated and died. The vet explained that Colby had most likely died from heatstroke.

“I just started screaming. Colby was my everything,” she said, she went on to say that the vet explained to her that Colby had been dead for 45 minutes and still his body temperature was above 105 degrees.

The assistant manager informed her that the groomer in charge of Colby had left to go to a graduation ceremony.

“I don’t know if they turned him over to another groomer and they dropped the ball or what,” Marks said. “I know people walk back and forth past the dryers constantly because I have to take Colby back there myself with his anxiety.”

She is no considering taking a legal action against Petco. “I can’t bear the thought of losing another dog,” she said. “I feel like I should’ve done better by him.”

Learn more about this story in the video below.

Below is the statement from Petco following the incident, they also stated that they were taking “immediate action” to investigate this incident:

“All of us at Petco are heartbroken by Colby’s passing. The health and safety of pets is always our top priority and we take full responsibility for all animals under our care. Our thoughts are with Colby’s family at this difficult time.”