Doctor tells wife to run during Vegas shooting – stays behind and does the heroic

The entire globe was shocked by the horrific mass shooting which took place in Las Vegas  on October 1, 2017, the shooter took 59 lives and injured over 500 people. Seeing the videos and pictures of the attack and hearing the gun shots ringing off, it’s hard to imagine how we would react in such a horrifying incident.

But as all these  stories of solidarity and bravery come out of this devastating attack , it’s clear that for many, their decision was without question: stay at the scene and help others in any possible manner that they could.

Let’s take  Dr. James Sebesta, a retired army surgeon who with his wife Jenelle was attending the country music festival. When the gunman started firing into the crowd, he told his wife to flee with their friends and get to a safe place and he would meet them back at their hotel later.

He started helping people who were victims of the shooting escape the scene… all while the shooting continued.

James had no medical supplies but this did not stop him, James and Stephen went would return to scene many times to help people escape despite the ongoing shooting. His treatment was described in a Facebook post as “literally to get them out of there and stop any bleeding he could.”

Along with his friend Stephen Williams, James used sections of chain link fence to carry people to safety, as well as his medical knowledge to help the wounded.

James spent 25 years serving in the army and working in combat zones, he said no amount of training could of prepared him for this horrific attack.

“I’ve been in a lot of bad places in my career and seen mass casualties, but this was the most devastating thing I had ever seen,” he told King5 news in an interview.

“It took me a while after the shots were fired to believe this was real, because I just couldn’t believe somebody would do this,” he adds.

Modern Day Hero
James returned to his hotel safely where he met his wife. His story was first shared by Crystal Graham on a Facebook post which now has over 3,000 shares.

“He could have escaped to safety. He made a choice to do what he knows best, be a good person. He is a Hero,” Crystal writes, and readers from around the world have been quick to agree with her.

However, the doctor points out that he was one of many who stayed behind and tried to help in any way they could, like his friend James, who has no medical background.

“I wouldn’t say there was a hero. I think there were multiple, multiple, multiple heroes.”

James adds: “We were just reacting. There’s no heroes per se, just a lot of willing people I saw trying to help others survive any way they could.”

James, Stephen and the many others who risked their lives to help the victims of the Vegas shooting deserve all our recognition.

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