Doctor tells her the baby is stillborn: Mom then realizes the fatal mistake that was made

Having to give birth to a child can be a very scary experience for any woman. It is also one of the happiest and most exciting time of any parents life.

For some people however the experience can be one that will change their life forever. Brook ended up having one of the worst possible nightmares she could have ever imagined.

She wants to tell this story in hopes that it will prevent it ever happening again to any other family.

No family should ever have to suffer the way she did and if its something that can be avoided she is willing to tell her story to help.

* Please note that some of the images in the article below are distressing and some viewers might find them stressful *

Brooke is a mother from Brisbane in California. She is 27 years of age and this time last year she was expecting to have her second child.

When the date arrived in August 2017, everything went horribly wrong.

Brooke began suffering a huge hemorrhage which required her to be rushed to A & E and left her in a very critical condition. She had lost a lot of blood ( over 1.7 liters ). She was 36 weeks pregnant at this stage.

After receiving an ultrasound result it showed that the baby inside her was no longer showing any signs. Her world had been torn apart in a split moment.

Then she had to go and tell her husband and he collapsed to the ground in shock. Elliot’s only words were that it could not have been possible. The nurses had to help him keep steady as he rose back to his feet.

A day which should be remembered as one of the most amazing days in her life became one of her worst nightmares.

Brooke said to a site Viralista ” My heart was broken. I looked at the ultrasound screen and could see the lifeless body of the baby inside me. It’s an image I can never erase from my mind ”

While Brooke is grieving she wants to share photos of her deceased newborn in the hope that no one else will have to go through what she went through.

This is because. ( It could have all been avoided )

Brooke had suffered from what is known as a ” Placental Abruption ” which means that the wall of her uterus had either completely or partially came off.

This then causes bleeding internally and prevents the supply of oxygen and nutrients reaching the unborn baby.

Tests afterwards confirmed that Brook was suffering from an uncommon genetic coagulation disorder and it was known as Factor V Leiden.

A simple blood test would have been able to detect the problem and it would have easily been prevented.

Brooke is now trying to warn all mothers about this and advise them to get this blood test done if they are pregnant.

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