Child is tied to a tree and burned alive: many years later, after he utters 3 words on his death bed justice is served

After 17 years a young boy from Texas gets justice as he gives final testimony on his deathbed.

At a tender age of eight-year in 1998 Robbie Middleton was attacked by another boy. Robbie was tied to a tree by the bully who poured gasoline on him, and lit him on fire in one of the most horrifying crimes in Splendora, Texas, according to ABC.

The perpetrator received the maximum sentence allowed several years later — the largest damages ever imposed in the United States were awarded to Robbie’s family.

The story begins in the state of Texas. Robbie was an ordinary boy who went to school. Sadly on his eighth birthday, he met a monster that would utterly destroy him and his family. Don Collins then 13-year-old Don kidnapped and tortured young Robbie by tying him to a tree, poured gasoline over him before lighting him on fire. This horrifying attack took place in Splendora, Texas, near Robbie’s home. Innocent Robbie was on route to a friend’s house as Don came across him, writes Huffington Post.

Shockingly 99% of young Robbie’s body was destroyed in third-degree burns. Most of his days were spent in rehabilitation after he endured more than 150 operations from the severity of the . His body began to fail ten years following the attack. According to doctors, Robbie was diagnosed with cancer which was a direct result of the burns. Following his death, US courts ruled this case a murder.

Due to the lack of evidence his perpetrator Don who was suspected of the crime, was released.

But on his deathbed, these three words “Don did it” confirmed that Don did indeed commit this horrific crime. A new testimony was recorded from Robbie by the Middleton Family’s lawyer.

The court heard Robbie confirm what happened in the video

The lawyer recorded his testimony “Don grabbed my shoulder and poured gas onto my face. After that, I don’t really remember anything.”

Finally, in February 2015, the now 29-year-old perpetrator received his sentence from a court in Galveston. At the time of the crime he was only 13, Don received 40 years in prison the most severe sentence that could be imposed by the state.

According to KHOU prosecutor Rob Freyer said during his final statement in court “One little boy will finally get justice today,”

Lawyers report The motive for the crime was that Don sexually assaulted Robbie two weeks before the gas attack. Robbie told the lawyer in the video that Don did it in order to silence him. Eventually, after all those years Robbie finally admitted what had happened. The jury gets to watch the video where Robbie confessed everything from the hospital bed, 17 days before his death.

Incidentally, another now grown man came forward to testify that when he was little Don also abused him, wrote ABC.

In addition, Robbie’s family received the highest damages ever awarded in the US: $150 billion, states The Telegraph. All money in the world won’t bring Robbie back to his family..

On Robbie’s birthday 28th June the people of Galveston city commemorate Robbie Middleton Day to remember him.

Over the years Robbie’s Family has shared his ordeal with the media repeatedly where his story has touched the hearts of many people worldwide.

How tragic that Robbie lived for so long without sharing what actually happened … we must not forget him. Remember it is important to talk when something is wrong, either to a friend, teacher, mom, dad, or someone else. RIP Robbie (6/28 1990 – 4/29 2011) Please share this to honor his memory.