Bullies mock her “disgusting” legs – then she takes a close-up and silences everyone

Every single person is equally as valuable and worthy of love as the next, no matter how they appear to others. It is a sad fact in this world there are people who love nothing more than to look down on others and bully them. Jacqueline Adan recently experienced people like this, but she quickly silenced her bullies with her reply.
Jacqueline has for years struggled with her weight. Weighing over 500lb(220kg) at one stage of her life.
Knowing her weight was a health hazard she decided to change her eating habits and started exercising.
Her dedication and sheer grit has helped her shed 350 pounds (150 kg), a truly incredible and admirable feat!

When a person looses weight quickly, the skin does not shrink to your body’s new size, instead it becomes loose and somewhat saggy looking. Jacqueline faced this exact problem as she lost weight her skin became looser and looser by the day.
Initially the excess skin did not phase Jacqueline, especially the skin on her legs as this was an area she could conceal. Not letting it hold her back she went about her life as normal.
Jacqueline eventually lost so much weight that she now had built up enough self esteem to wear a bathing suit. While on vacation she decided to wear a bathing suit at the pool.
Upon arriving at the poolside, she would encounter some very nasty bullies. A very ignorant couple began to stare and point at her legs while bursting into fits of laughter.
Jacqueline later wrote a powerful post on Instagram about the event and included some close-ups of her legs, writing, “It does not matter what others say. That’s ok. Love your body.”
People were quick to react to her post, gaining more than 30,000 likes and beautifully encouraging comments. Hopefully the bullies read it, because it would put them in their place and show them how ignorant and wrong their behaviour was. Read what Jaqueline posted below!
“When we were on vacation in Mexico a few weeks ago, it was the first time I had worn a bathing suit in a long time, and it had been even longer since I wore a bathing suit without a cover-up.”

“I was nervous to take my cover-up off and to walk into the pool or walk on the beach. I still felt like that same 500-pound girl… then, it happened.
A couple sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as I took my cover-up off.”

“So what did I do? I took a deep breath, smiled and walked into the pool. That was a huge moment for me. I had changed.
I was not the same girl anymore. Yes I still have a lot of loose skin, I may still feel insecure at times, and yes I may still get made fun of.”

“To be honest, yes it bothered me. But I was not going to let people like that affect me anymore!
I am not going to let what other people think of me stop me from living my life.”

“They do not know me. They do not know how I have worked my ass off to lose 350 pounds. They do not know how I am recovering from major surgeries.
They have no right to sit and point and laugh at me. That’s why I smiled.”

“It does not matter what others say or if they try to doubt you or try to bring you down.
What matters is how you react to it. How you feel about yourself. Loving yourself just the way you are is hard.”

“Others might not like that. That’s ok. I hope you love yourself. Love your body. I hope you keep doing you, and just keep smiling!”

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