+20 Illustrations That Capture The Beauty Of Being In Love Perfectly

People show their love and affection in different ways whether its through simple touches, sentimental words, or heart-warming actions. Each person expresses their love in a unique way but will always be felt deep in the hearts of their lovers.

The true beauty of love is not as portrayed in movies, its more about the small and simple things. These things could be as simple as having breakfast together early in the morning, having a walk in the rain, making dinner together, or staying in to watch a movie together.

Hyocheon Jeong is an artist from South Korea whose work has been capturing the hearts of many on Instagram. She portrays couples’ intimate moments in their simple everyday lives. In her illustrations, she shows only the couple as if they are the only two souls in their world expressing their special connection to one another.

Take a look at the illustrations below that show everyday intimate moments between couples and let us know what you think!

1) Passionate kisses that take you to another world

2) Short naps and playful touches

3) Warming up cold hands on a freezing day

4) Sleeping tight in each others’ comforting arms

5) Kissing in the city of love

6) Early morning breakfast

7) Those small affectionate kisses

8) Capturing the memories

9) Late night dates

10) Watching the night sky

11) Sharing love in daily tasks

12) Doing home chores together

13) Spontaneous dances in the middle of the night

14) Enjoying homemade dinners

15) Sleeping while watching a movie together

16) Exchanging romantic glances throughout everyday activities

17) Having a long walk in the rainy streets

18) Making a special dinner for your loved one

19) Sharing dessert

20) Giving a cozy massage to your significant other

21) Celebrating the holidays together

23) Intimate moments before going to bed

24) Spending an entire free day together