2-year-old is afraid of the dark, so Dad creates his own prescription “Monster Spray”

It’s probably the number one fear that all children have when going to bed. The monsters of the night. Are they under the bed? Hiding inside the closet? Wherever they are, as soon as you close your eyes they no doubt will jump out and get you!


So then why is it that no one has come up with a solution to fend off these scary creatures? The market is huge, and you would think by now some parents would form a start-up of some sort to take on this massive problem!

Well, finally one parent has indeed come up with a formula and has even bottled it up in prescription form. His 2-year-old daughter has used it, and can attest to it’s effectiveness.

It’s simply called, Monster Spray.



This stuff is no joke either, as it can eliminate up to 120 monsters in just one bottle! Refills can be had for future return visits from the monsters.


They come in different styles, depending on the monster you are dealing with. For instance, cross-eyed monsters have their own formula.


Since some monsters can leave a child’s bedroom stinking with a foul odor, there is an aromatherapy monster scent which can take care of this.


Some monsters may look cute initially, but don’t let them fool you. Grab that spray as quickly as possible.


You can use the specific spray which correlates to the type of monster you need gone.


Check out this video below to learn more about “monster spray” and the effectiveness of it to eliminate monsters from any child’s bedroom!


Share this incredible new invention with all of your friends and family, especially those with young kids who could definitely use this awesome monster-eliminating spray!