Did someone just say bacon? And wait, you mean there’s sausage too? I think I’m going to cry… I just found the pearly gates to food heaven! This carnivorous delight was masterminded by Jef Spencer, who is the man behind Smoked Meat With Jef.

This mouthwatering recipe can be customized with your favorite ingredients. The type of sausage meat used can be anything from sweet maple to hot Italian. You can also stuff the inside of the sausage roll with items like mushrooms or even cavier, if that’s your thing. It’s all up to you!

However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get to the real “meat” of this fabulous recipe. Get a load of this – it’s a stuffed sausage roll, that is then stuffed inside of weaving of bacon. Whoa is right!

First, you’ll need to gather the following supplies and ingredients.

Kitchen Supplies:

Wax paper


Gallon size Ziploc freezer bags

Rolling pin

Main Ingredients:

13-14 slices thick cut bacon

1 pound ground sausage, such as Jimmy Dean

Stuffing Ingredients (you can vary this):

Pepperjack cheese, shredded


Green onions

Sweet peppers, sliced lengthwise

To avoid cross contamination with raw meat juice, make sure that your stuffing ingredients are already sliced, prepped and on a plate. That includes the cheese. That way, you don’t have to worry about touching bags of veggies. Even if you wash your hands, there may still be some yucky meat bacteria on it.


Now that you have everything gathered, let’s start making this delectable recipe!

To make the sausage roll, cut off the two bottom corners of your gallon Ziploc bag. This will allow air to escape when you’re rolling the sausage flat.

Put the sausage in the bag, and close the top zipper. With your hands, start smooshing the sausage flat. Next, take a rolling pin and get crazy with it. Keep rolling away at the sausage until it fills the entire bag and forms a perfectly flat rectangle.


Next, cut off a sheet of wax paper that is slightly longer than the bag of sausage. Lay the Ziploc bag on top of the wax paper.

Use a pair of scissors to cut down both sides of the bag. Unzip the top of the bag, and slowly peel back the top layer.

In one fluid movement, quickly flip the whole thing over onto the wax paper, and peel back the remaining layer.


Now you’re ready to season the sausage with whatever strikes your fancy. Leave the top third of the sausage free of spices and stuffing.  This part will be used to make the sausage stick together when it’s rolled.

Next, it’s time to stuff this baby! Layer the spinach first, chase it with sweet peppers and green onions, and then you can finally top it off with the shredded pepperjack cheese. Don’t overstuff it, otherwise it will be hard to roll the sausage. Besides, the focus of this recipe is all the delicious meat, not the veggies.


It’s time to transform your sausage into a beautiful roll. Using the wax paper as a guide, gently start rolling the sausage. If you’ve ever made sushi, then you’re probably familiar with the process.

Tightly roll one section at a time, and keep a bit of pressure on it, so that the stuffing doesn’t loosen up. Peel back the wax paper as you continue to roll.

Once it’s done, keep it wrapped in the wax paper and put it off to the side.


Next up is the bacon weave! You may have heard the old joke about taking a basket weaving course in college, but that skill could actually come in handy right about now!

This part may actually take a little bit of practice. However, when it comes to bacon, there is no wrong way to do this. It will taste awesome no matter what!

On a large piece of wax paper, lay down 7 pieces of bacon so that the length is going horizontally.


Now it’s time to start weaving. Take the 2nd, 4th, and 6th pieces of bacon and fold it in half. Then lay a piece of bacon down vertically.


Keep alternating this weaving pattern until you get something that looks like the picture below.

If you get frustrated, don’t worry. Just lay down 7 pieces of bacon horizontally, and on top of that, lay down 6 pieces vertically. Done!

The fancy weave pattern is just there to impress your friends, and doesn’t really have a functional purpose beyond visual appeal.


Now it’s time to place the stuffed sausage roll directly onto the weave of bacon goodness. Just like you did the first time, use the wax paper as a guide to help you roll. Only this time, the sausage is the stuffing for the bacon!


Gently move the humongous meat roll onto a rack and place it in your meat smoker for 3 hours.

If you’re like most people and actually don’t have one, you can bake this in the oven. To prevent the bacon from burning, you’ll want to bake it low and slow – turn the knob to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and keep it in there for 3 hours.

Around the 2.5 hour mark, throw some barbque sauce on top!

Now it’s finaly time to dig in. Yum!


 Watch this video to learn how to make bacon stuffed sausage rolls.

Not only is this delicious to eat, but the bacon weave makes it pretty to look at, too. It’s almost too nice looking to eat…nah! Go ahead and dig in. How many are you going to make at once?