Just Spray This And Get Rid Of Black Mold Naturally, Safely and Permanently

Mold is a problem everyone faces and learning to get rid of it is very, very important. You will see the notorious black mold suddenly pop up in corners of the bathroom, inside your washing machine, and various other damp areas of the home. Very unsettling to see, and very dangerous if not taken care of, as it can cause serious health issues.

So how do you get rid of it? Imagine simply being able to spray something and have the black mold disappear for good! That’s what can happen when you make your own spray, combining essential tea tree oil and some other items you probably already have. The Aboriginal people have been using tea tree oil for centuries as it has a ton of benefits to it.

Indeed it originates from Australia, obtained from leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. Researches in Australia actually concluded that in comparison to antiseptic germicide, tea tree oil is 100 times more effective!

Other benefits include relieving sore throats, respiratory issues, cough, bronchitis, runny nose, asthma, and tuberculosis! Even more benefits of this amazing oil include skin condition relief, including healing burns and rashes.

So, yes, tea tree oil should be a household item!

To get rid of that mold, here’s what you will need:

2 teaspoons tea tree oil
2 cups water
a cotton cloth
a bottle with sprayer

Here’s how you do it:

In a bottle with a sprayer, mix the water with 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil. Shake it up, then, spray all over the house. Leave it alone to act for several hours.

Then you want to wipe the areas down with the cotton cloth. This gets rid of the mold and prevents it from coming back.

Share this helpful information with friends and family so they can also know the benefits of this mold-killing oil!