Shocking footage shows eight-month-old baby being slapped by nanny, but that was only the beginning

'Evil nanny' trapped by camera slapping, pinching and throwing baby


Shocking footage of a nanny slapping and pinching a babies face stopping him breathing then throwing him on the floor.

While she is feeding the child she is hitting his face when refuses to take the bottle then grabs him by one arm throwing him to the ground.

Elena Levendeeva, employed 31-year-old Anastasia Zhelyabova, to care for her eight-month-old son.

Mrs. Levendeeva became suspicious that her baby was crying every day while he was cared for by the nanny so she decided to install cameras.

Elena Levendeeva, employed a nanny to care for her eight-month-old son but instead, she hurt him.

Zhelyabova was caught by the mother beating her child on the hidden cameras just two weeks after she started her employment.

Mrs Levendeeva from Nefteyugank in Russia posted on social media:

‘Due to frequent and continuous hysterical cries from our child, we installed video cameras that recorded the beating and torturing.’

The investigation of the criminal case when the woman beat a small child is now over.’ said a policeman.

The nanny ‘beat the baby several times on his bottom and on the face, and she lifted the child and threw him on the floor.‘

She faces up to ten years in jail for child cruelty if convicted by a court.

Zhelyabova becomes aggressive when the baby doesn’t take his bottle then slaps him across the face.

She then picked up the little boy by one arm and threw him to the floor