Man caught on CCTV shooting dog dead with bow and arrow

Warning: Video contains distressing content.

A man was caught on camera shooting his neighbour’s dog dead using a crossbow.

The man who is unnamed so far was caught chasing a white poodle around the streets of Fuzhou City, China on CCTV footage.

He is caught on CCTV shooting the dog, he then continues to shoot it again before yanking the arrow from the animal. Spotted later on another CCTV camera, the man can be seen carrying the dog’s dead body over a zebra crossing.  The dog’s owner, who chose not to be named, said he went searching for traffic camera footage when his seven-year-old dog disappeared.

The owner said that he was sickened by what he saw but the footage helped him track down the dog eventually, where he found it discarded in a bin. The police were called by the owner but it was only later the man realised that it was his neighbour who shot the dog.

The owner is not sure why his neighbour targeted his. The police have launched an investigation and will more than likely hand the man a fine for killing the dog. The dog’s owner did state that he was shocked when officers told him the suspect could not be charged with weapons possesion because bows and arrows are not on the list of regulated firearms.

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