Man Accused of Eating Couple’s Faces and Killing Them Won’t Get The Death Penalty

On August 15, 2016, a young 20-year-old Florida resident named Austin Harrouff brutally murdered John Stevens III and Michelle Mischon in their home garage. He also injured nearby neighbor Jeffrey Fisher. When Harrouff was found at the scene of the crime, he was witnessed eating John Stevens’s face. Human flesh was found inside of his mouth. When confronted about it, Harrouff simply remarked to the deputy sheriff that, “I ate humans.”

It was unclear whether or not the state would issue the death penalty for the severity of his crime. A recent court order declared that Harrouff would not be facing the death penalty. An official declared that “It was decided not to seek it.” Harrouff is, however, charged with burglary of a dwelling with assault or battery in mind, first-degree murder with a weapon, and attempted first-degree murder with a weapon.

In the previous weeks leading up to his crime, Harrouff was witnessed by friends and relatives of being in a place of declining mental stability. According to Harrouff himself, the attack was not planned in any way. Television personality Dr. Phil even interviewed Harrouff, who seemed to be on a rapid downward spiral of mental illness. Many speculate that Harouff and his lawyers will make a plea of insanity during their court defense. The trial might not be ready for the following year.

According to Harouff’s lawyers, he suffered an intense psychological break, complete with hallucinations, and paranoia. Austin Harrouff was attending the Florida State University at the time. It is unclear what his motives were, but it is reported at the time that Austin claims he was running from a demonic force with the name “Daniel” just before he stopped and committed the crime. Harouff will likely remind behind bars for the remainder of his life.

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