Father Checks 11 Year Old Daughter’s Messenger Only To Discover A Nasty Predator

A father checked his 11 year old daughters messenger only to discover multiple messages from a man asking all kinds of lewd questions, there is over 20 images and possibly over 100 messages, you can read them all in the pictures below. (Some may find messages offensive and worrying).

He made multiple attempts at contact.

He then inquired as to whether the 11 year old was single.

He asked the 11 year old did she know what sex was.

He went on to question the size of the 11 year old’s breasts.

He continued to message the 11 year old but he did not know that now, he was in fact messaging her dad.

He then tried to see if the mom and dad approved messaging him.

This guy shows he is messed up when asking about wet dreams.

The man was reported to the police and is believed to have been arrested.

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