The ‘Human Ken Doll’ Shows Off His Brand New $26,000 Ab Implants

In order to be granted access to the elusive world of celebrity, you’re required to have the following: millions of Instagram followers, the ability to stay calm when faced with a wall of paparazzi, and a medical record featuring more plastic than a Lego factory.

In fact, things have gotten so out of hand in the plastic fantastic department that that not a day goes by without another celebrity being accused of having had yet more surgery, or Photoshopping the photos posted to their social media accounts. It’s almost as if these celebs had some kind of pressure being put on them by society or something… weird, right?

While most of us average Joes, AKA non-famous people, are happy to stick with the lip liner or gym membership to stay looking fresh, there are a select few of us who choose to follow the celebs’ lead by going under the knife to achieve the look we desire.

Then, in a weird twist of fate, some of these people end up looking so bizarre that they become celebrities in their own right. Take Rodrigo Alves, for example. Alves has come to be known as the human Ken doll, thanks to his obsession with plastic surgery and his quest to obtain the perfect plastic look.

Alves, who’s set to appear on British Big Brother later this year, has spent a staggering $490,000 on plastic surgery over the years. He’s had over 50 operations, and is on a quest to become the world record holder for the most plastic surgeries of all time. The current world record holder is American Cindy Jackson, who’s spent a total of $640,000 on 47 cosmetic procedures since 1988.

However, not content with quitting while he’s ahead, Alves recently took his quest for fakery one step further with a set of perfectly formed, yet fake, abs. He said: “People say to me that I look so fit, but darling, my abs are fake. I have £22k ($26,000) silicone implants. My arms are fake and full of filler. I’m not fit at all. I can’t even run a mile. I am out of breath and shaking and about to faint at any moment. But I am trying.”

British TV show This Morning recently took the time to break down the cost of every one of Alves’ procedures, which include £8,000 ($9,700) on Botox and fillers, £30,000 ($36,000) on nose jobs, £7,000 ($8,500) on fillers to his arms, and £7,000 ($8,500) on laser liposuction. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired just looking at that list.

When asked about how he could afford all that plastic surgery, Alves explained that he was using his inheritance: “My grandparents left me with property, I am very blessed, and I used to be a flight attendant and now I have two shows on TV, one here and one in the USA. This is how I pay for all this surgery.”

Alves is originally from Sao Paulo in Brazil, but has also lived in London and Málaga. Before all his surgeries, Alves looked like a completely different person.

When asked by This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford if he was addicted to plastic surgery, Alves responded: “I don’t think I’m addicted. It’s painful and very expensive. It’s a constant maintenance. Like the MOT of a car. I don’t encourage people to do what I do. I want people to better themselves.”

When asked about the human Ken doll nickname that made him famous, Alves said: “Three years ago I was given this nickname, I’m just having fun with it. Apparently I look like a doll – I don’t think I do I just want to perfect myself.”

OK, so there’s no hiding the fact that Alves has had a hell of a lot of surgeries. There are some celebrities, however, who much prefer to keep their procedures a well-kept secret. Rumours of Kylie Jenner’s surgeries, for example, have been swirling for years, but hardly any one can seem to get any closer to the truth.