She Spent $60,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie, But Many Believe She Looked Better Before

For years, little girls have been big fans of Barbie, the doll who was originally built with a tiny waist, long thin legs, and a generous bosom. The original Barbie has blonde hair and big round blue eyes, and while all of her features are well-loved by young girls all over the world, she doesn’t paint a picture of the average physical appearance which could end up leaving youth a bit disappointed.

Ophelia Vanity is a 30-year-old who once donned mostly goth-like clothing and makeup, however; she has recently changed her look for one that is more “doll-like,” and has gone so far as to spend $60,000 to look like a real-life Barbie.

Vanity has created a lot of controversy surrounding her desire to look identical to the famed doll and not everyone agrees that what she is doing is safe. While her boyfriend, 43-year-old Justin Sterling, is supportive of her going under the knife and agreed that it helps her self-esteem, he has recently expressed concerns about the risks associated with her surgeries.

On a mission to make her look more “doll-like,” Vanity starting spending loads of money on her appearance, including Botox, lip fillers, a nose job and a surgery to make her eyes look rounder, like the famed doll, herself.

Vanity shared the following regarding her boyfriend’s thoughts on the surgeries that she regularly undergoes…

“Justin doesn’t mind, but he does worry about the risks, which is understandable,” said Vanity, who works as a personal assistant and model to fund her surgeries and maintenance. “He doesn’t think I need all my surgeries but is still supportive and helps me while I heal after procedures.”

In response, Justin shared the following…

“As long as Ophelia is happy with her surgeries, that’s the main thing that matters,” he said. “I wouldn’t get any myself, nor do I think she needs them. But I’m happy for her to get the procedures as it helps her self-esteem improve, which has been an issue.”


Here are two photos of Ophelia before the surgeries:


Vanity’s obsession with looking like Barbie certainly has downsides, as she is often the target of cyber bullies.

“Sadly, I do get a lot of cyberbullying, mainly from girls, who say I’m excessive,” she said. “I’ve even found actual websites that have been set up dedicated to hating me.They call me attention seeking, but surely doing that is just giving me more attention? If they hated me that much, they’d block me.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Vanity has her own fans and has 80,000 Instagram followers.

“I pride myself on being a kind person, too, and while I may have low self-esteem and be a little sensitive, I would never judge another person on how they look.Thankfully, I still have a lot of fans, who mean the world to me.”

Vanity’s look isn’t limited to just surgeries and she is constantly having to tend to other parts of the look including hair treatments, clothes, and makeup. And when she is all dressed up, she doesn’t get very far without getting stopped by people.

“People are usually really positive and want to talk to me, or take pictures,” said Vanity. “My whole wardrobe is basically pink dresses and heels.”